Our treatment philosophy is geared toward preventing future dental problems. We treat patients of all ages and we offer a broad range of dental treatment plans, ranging from the most basic to the state of the art.

Our comprehensive cosmetic and general dentistry services include:

  • Preventive dentistry: Preventive means exactly that—to help the patient prevent oral issues. You'd be amazed at how incorrectly people brush and floss and the misconceptions they have about oral products on the market today.
  • Dental cleaning: I do ALL the cleanings. Always have. I enjoy really getting to know my patients and what better way.
  • Teeth straightening: It's common to have your front teeth get a little crowded. With Invisalign we can help keep your teeth aligned with a lower-cost alternative to standard orthodontics. We are an Invisalign Assist preferred provider.
  • Crowns and bridges: A crown is a complete covering of a tooth with either porcelain, gold, or a combo of both. They are necessary if you don't have adequate tooth structure to support a filling. The general rule is that if a tooth has more than two-thirds of it filled, it's time to consider a crown as its replacement. A bridge is simply two crowns or more that support a false tooth where you might be missing one.
  • Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shields that fit over the front of your teeth. With these conservative restorations you can change color and to some extent the shape and angle of teeth, making them appear straight, even if they are not. I have some on me! 20 years now. And I did them myself.
  • Cosmetic bonding: So much can be done with this tooth-colored material. It's amazing! Basically it is various shades of a composite resin plastic that can be molded into or onto your tooth to create a filling or enhance the outward appearance of that tooth. Very cool stuff.
  • Sealants: A sealant, although primarily done on children's teeth, can be done on any tooth. It's simply a liquid plastic bonded to a tooth that might have a propensity for decay on the chewing surface only. Very, very easy to do.
  • Tooth whitening: Self explanatory, really—it makes your teeth whiter in a few days or a week. I only do the "take-home" kind as "in-house" tooth whitening can be more expensive and much more painful when applied. You have much more control over the process when you apply it at home by yourself. It's safe and effective.
  • Implants: A wonderful tooth replacement therapy. (I have two myself!) Essentially, a dental implant is a titanium cylinder that replaces the root of a tooth or teeth where they might be missing. It is surgical, but it's a long-term solution—definitely a good option for single or multiple tooth replacement. The beauty is that you don't have to touch a tooth on either side of a missing area (as is the case with bridges).
  • Tissue grafts: A tissue graft is a replacement of skin where it might be receded. Receding gums can be a normal issue, but having the correct amount of the tissue is what a graft does. This may sound bad but most are quite easy and painless. Let's get real, nothing is completely painless. Ok, I said it! But, it's really not that bad.

We understand the importance of providing these services to our patients in the most comfortable and stress-free manner. We have perfected the art of dental anesthesia, providing pain-free treatment. You won't even feel our shots, because we use the award-winning DentalVibe Injection Comfort System for pain-free injections.